Announcement of the recipient for

    the Pete Townshend Endowed Senior Lecturership in Performative Technoetics Award

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    Clarissa Ribeiro, Ph.D

    Architect, media artist and researcher, Ph.D. (Doctor in Fine Arts, University of Sao Paulo and CAiiA hub of The Planetary Collegium), Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship awardee (UCLA, Art|Sci Center/James Gimzewski Lab), M.Arch. (Master of Architecture Theory and History, University of Sao Paulo), member of the UCLA Art|Sci Collective, she is the chair of the first Leonardo/ISAST LASER talks to be hosted in Brazil/Latin America (2017-present). She was part of the founding team of the Roy Ascott Studio in Shanghai and has been serving as a reviewer for the Leonardo Abstracts Service (Leonardo LABS), the Leonardo Journal and the Intellect Books’ Technoetic Arts Journal. Having performative technoetics and digital humanities as compass, she is interested in cross-scale information and communication dynamics that impacts human-nonhuman behavior and other macro-scale emergent phenomena. Exploring in her more recent projects the metaphysics of information-visualization in subversive morphogenetic strategies, she welcomes the animistic to navigate ecologies-as-cosmologies. Clarissa has exhibited and presented her work internationally in collective exhibitions and solo shows, artist talks, paper and panel sessions, and workshops in several edition of FILE Sao Paulo, ISEA, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, China VIS, POM, Consciousness Reframed, CAA, IEEE VIS ART program. She is a Professor at the University of Fortaleza where she directs the LIP – Lab for Innovation and Prototyping.



    MA Places Awarded in Year 2022 and 2023



    Cong Haotian received an offer from MIT in the Master of Art,Culture,and Technology.


    Xiao Wenye was offered places on MA programmes at three top universities in the UK: RCA - MA Digital Direction, UAL - Chelsea - MA Fine Art, and Goldsmiths - MFA Computational Arts .


    Yang Sunzhe received an offer from Brown University in Master of Arts in Design Engineering.


    Yang Ruonan was offered places on MA programmes at five top universities in the UK and the US: RCA - MA Digital Direction and MA Information Experience Design, UAL - Camberbwell - MA Fine Art, Glasgow- Master of Fine Art, SVA - MFA Computer Arts and MICA-Mount Royal - Multidisciplinary MFA.


    Niebei Hanbing was offered places on MA programmes at three universities in the UK : Kingston University - MSc User Experience Design, Brunel University - MSc Digital Service Design, and Loughborough University - MSc Service Design Innovation.


    Huang Ziyue was offered places on MA programmes at three top universities in the UK : UCL - Slade - MFA Fine Art, RCA - Visual Communication and Photography, and UAL - Chelsea - MA Fine Art.


    Wang Xiaoxiao received an offer from Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bourges in Master of Option Art.

    Huang Jiajun was offered places on MA programmes at three universities in the UK:RCA -MA Service Design,Kingston University - MSc User Experience Design,Brunel University-MSc Integrated Product Design.


    Yang GE received offers from University of Sydney in Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts and University of Melbourne in Master of Digital Communication and Culture.


    Wu Yuting was offered places on MA programmes at four universities in the UK: Loughborough University -  

    MA/MSc Design Innovation,University of Leeds-MA Design ,Kingston University- MSc User Experience Design,Glasgow-MDes in Design Innovation and Interaction Design.


    Zhou Zilin received offers from  Loughborough University in Master of Digital Creative Media and from University of the Arts London in Master of Creative Computing at Creative Computing.


    Zheng Wentao was offered places on MA programs at three universities in the UK:Goldsmiths-MA Computational Arts, Glasgow-Serious Games and Virtual Reality, Loughborough Universit-MSc Digital Creative Media)


    Zhang Lufan received offers from University of Sydney  in Master of Media Practice and from The University of New South Wales in Master of Journalism & Communication)


    Qi Jingyuan received offers from Royal College of Art in MA Digital Direction and from Glasgow in MDes in Graphics.